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Physician job, physician recruitment, physician employment, physician salary, job for doctor
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A Physician seeking a First Rate Physician Job or Physician Practice Opportunity
We offer Physicians, including Residents, Fellows and Established Practitioners information on Outstanding, Non-Published Physician Practice Opportunities. The Positions are located in all 50 States in addition to International Physician Jobs.

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An Administrator, Physician Recruiting Representative or HR Professional of a Hospital or Physician Group interested in recruiting a Physician(s) to your Medical Staff
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physician recruiter, physician recruiting, physician job search, doctor job, medicine job
Physician Recruiting and looking for a Physician Job or a Physician Practice Opportunity can be a Full Time Job. Why go it alone?


* Physician Recruitment since 1987

• JSMG Physician Recruiting Advantage- we provide a Physician Recruitment performance guarantee

• Clients are assigned a physician recruitment team and have ample opportunity to provide feedback to the firm about the physician recruiting process. Proprietary physician recruitment software, sophisticated technology and creative physician employment marketing approaches ensure presentation of highly qualified physician candidates.

• JSMG provides excellent physician recruitment service, in-depth physician profiles on each physician candidate, including references. JSMG has a Total Quality Physician Recruitment program that ensures excellence to both Clients and Physician Candidates.

• JSMG physician recruiters and physician recruitment staff are more experienced than the industry standard. All have college degrees, some with advanced degrees and excellent healthcare, recruiting, marketing and professional experience. While only 32 percent of the nation's physician recruiters have at least six years of healthcare recruiting experience, all of JSMG physician recruiters exceed that. We are excellent problem solvers and team players.

*JSMG is dedicated to providing Physicians and Healthcare facilities with the best physician recruiting services and physician recruitment information possible.

• Physician owned and operated. We know how our Clients and Physicians think We maintain a strict code of physician recruiting ethics and physician recruitment policies to be the Standard of Excellence in the Physician Recruitment Industry.

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Physician recruiter, physician recruiting, physician job search, physician salary, job for doctor
Medicine Job, Physician Employment, Physician Recruitment, Physician recruiting

Physician job, physician recruiting, physician salary, job for doctor